Measurable quantitative targeting.

5S Green Policy for Premises.

     Premises Has promoted and supported the 5S Green activities (cleaning, cleaning, hygienic, habit-building) so that personnel in the agency have a suitable working environment, safety and good physical and mental health. by allowing all personnel to participate in continuous operations according to the required standard until becoming a corporate culture and is part of everyday life This is to make the 5S Green activities effective. achieve the objectives and goals according to the main policy of Walailak University It also creates satisfaction for service users.

Objectives of the 5S Green activity for the building.

  1. The workplace is clean, tidy and has a good environment.
  2. All personnel are involved in 5S Green activities and are able to work effectively.
  3. able to manage resources more efficiently.
  4. The level of success of the 5S Green activities in the annual quality assurance is at least 4.85 points.

Set measurable quantitative goals.

  1. The score of the 5S Green assessment of the building and premises in the fiscal year 2021 has a score of not less than 85.
  2. The personnel of the Premises section were satisfied with the 5S Green activities at the highest level (more than 4.25 points).
  3. Personnel of the Premises Participate in 5S Green activities not less than 85%
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