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Premises Organize a training to educate about floods and storms for the fiscal year 2022

On October 4, 2022 at 09.00-10.30 hrs. by lecturer Mr. Sakon Anantaseri, Engineer. has started giving lectures to educate those who participated in the 2022 flood prevention planning section, providing guidelines for flood damage prevention and flood management, consisting of Measures taken by buildings to reduce the severity of floods, such as improving river conditions, using reservoirs and water barrier, etc. In addition, there are measures to mitigate flood problems to solve the severity of flooding events as follows.

1. Reducing the water flow rate by using various methods to slow down the water flow.
2. Flow control by confining water in reservoirs or reservoirs to control the amount of water not to flow excessively, especially during floods.
3. Restricting the flow path of the river by creating a water barrier or monkey cheek.
4. Improving stream and flow conditions, such as The construction of an indirect drainage channel around the university to reduce the water elevation in the main river.
5. Drainage of water from rivers in critical conditions such as the use of pumps.

Khun Sakon Anantaseri Wittayakorn also informed Khun Kosin Saikhon, Head of Electrical Maintenance and Khun Niphon Bunjerdlert, Head of Plumbing and Sanitary System Maintenance. Giving additional knowledge to those who participated in this training as well as well as explaining the structure of the university in preventing flooding as well

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